Exploratory Studies: Exploring Organization, Management and Enterprise


Majors in this track explore business-related fields such as communication, economics, tourism, merchandising, consumer sciences, and more.

This is a guide and should be used in conjunction with advising.

MATH Placement:

Majors in this track require the minimum 3 credits of math for graduation at CSU.  Most majors require College Algebra (MATH117, 118 and 124 or MATH 120) or higher, while others allow students a choice (MATH101, STAT100, or pre-calculus). Students should complete Math Placement prior to enrollment and complete math in the first year.

English Composition Placement:

Students should consult the composition placement website to determine if the placement survey is needed and work with an advisor on building it into the first-year plan.  

Foundational First Year Courses

1st Year Courses

  • CO150 College Composition (3cr)
  • MATH (2-3cr) – see placement and consult with advising professional
    • MATH 101
    • STAT100
    • 1-credit Pre-Calculus courses (MATH117, 118, 124, 125, 126)
    • 3-Credit College Algebra (MATH120)
    • 3-credit Calculus MATH141
    • ECON/AREC 202
  • First Year Seminar (1-3cr)
    • BUS 105
    • IU 172

Then, fill your schedule with AUCC and Exploratory Courses to get to 14-16 credits per semester.

Remember, CO150 should be done in the 1st year, not necessarily the 1st semester

Extra-curricular Exploration

Exploratory Studies students should engage in at least 2 exploration activities in 1st semester

Schedule an Exploring Majors advising appointment

Join a student organization that aligns with your major(s) interest – Exploratory Studies Leadership Council (XLC) and ASCSU have positions involving leadership and budgetary management

Apply for an on-campus job

Attend the Career Fair and other Career Center events

Attend an event in the major(s) you are exploring 

Exploratory Course Options

  • ACT210:  Introduction to Financial Accounting **majors only until release date, completion of 30 credits 
  • AM101: Fashion Industries 
  • AREC224: Introduction to Agribusiness Entrepreneurship (fall only)  
  • BUS105: Exploration of Business **First Year Students Only**   
  • BUS205:  Legal and Ethical Issues in Business **completion of 30 credits**  
  • CON101: Introduction to Construction Management **majors only**  
  • CS163 or 164: Java Programming 
  • FACT179: Introduction to Family and Consumer Science (spring only)
  • FACS320 – Personal and Family Finance 
  • FIN200 – Personal Finance 
  • F322: Economics of the Forest Environment
  • HORT310: Greenhouse Management
  • JTC203: Television Studio Production  or 204: Radio Production   
  • JTC355: Advertising  
  • MKT 305: Fundamentals of Marketing **USBU/BUSQ major/minor only** 
  • MGT 305: Fundamentals of Management **USBU/BUSQ major/minor only** 
  • NRRT270: Natural Resource Tourism
  • Assorted PSY classes: 300, 315 or 316  **majors only until release date**  
  • RRM101: Hospitality Industry   
  • RRM340: Restaurant Operations **majors only but ask for override** 
  • Assorted WS classes: 269 or 270 

6-12 CREDITS Exploratory Courses Depending on foundational credits