Exploratory Studies Major Tracks

Arts, Humanities and Design

Your interests may include learning about media, designing and creating material for broad audiences, and valuing performing and/or visual arts.

Environmental and Natural Resources

Your interests may include the outdoors, the desire to help our environment, and enjoying research and decision making.

Global and Social Sciences

Your interests may include the desire to impact the communities you are a part of and knowing more about society and culture.

Health, Life and Food Sciences

Your interests may include learning about organ systems and cells, their relation to you as a human, and how to make an impact on living beings through science.

Land, Plant and Animal Sciences

Your interests may include a passion for understanding how, with science, we can best prepare the land for human use and desire to work in career fields that impact the environment and food systems.

Organization, Management and Enterprise

Your interests may include owning your own business, understanding product development and design, and thoroughly managing a process from beginning to end.

Math, Physical Sciences and Engineering

Your interests may include technology, product design, and understanding how science & math relate to the world around you.

Education and Teaching

Your interests may include classroom teaching children and adolescents or eventual education leadership – from birth through high school.