Exploratory Studies: Environmental and Natural Resources


Majors in this track are related to many fields related to aspects of the environment and resources including data and science work, resource planning, outdoor recreation, and more.

This is a guide and should be used in conjunction with advising.

MATH Placement:

All majors in this track require a minimum 3 credits of pre-calculus math at the Algebra 1 level or higher.  Many majors go on to Calculus 1 or higher. Students should complete Math Placement prior to enrollment and complete math in the first year.

English Composition Placement:

Students should consult the composition placement website to determine if the placement survey is needed and work with an advisor on building it into the first-year plan.  

Foundational First Year Courses

1st Year Courses

  • CO150 College Composition (3cr)
  • MATH (1-5 cr) see placement and consult with advising professional
  • 1-credit Pre-Calculus courses (MATH117, 118, 124, 125, 126)
  • 3-Credit College Algebra (MATH120)
  • 4-credit Pre-Calculus (MATH127)
  • 4-credit Calculus 1 (MATH155 or MATH160)
  • Science (6-9cr)
  • LIFE102 or BZ110/111 Biology (4 credits)
  • CHEM105: Problem Solving in Chemistry (2cr)
  • CHEM111/112 General Chemistry (5 credits)
  • AREC202 Agriculture and Resource Economics 3 credits
  • First Year Seminar (1-3cr)

Then, fill your schedule to 14-16 total credits each semester using the AUCC and Exploratory course options.

Remember, CO150 should be done in the 1st year, not necessarily the 1st semester

Extra-curricular Exploration

Exploratory Studies students should engage in at least 2 exploration activities in each semester

Participate in the Outdoor Education program through Campus Recreation 

Join the CSU Sustainability Team of student ambassadors 

Walk through Warner College of Natural Resources building  

Visit the CSU Test Gardens 

Schedule an Exploring Majors advising appointment

Join a student organization

Attend instructor office-hours

Education Abroad – explore for future years

Exploratory Course Options

  • AGED220: Understanding Agriculture Education (fall only)  
  • AGRI 330: Agriculture and Food System Ethics (spring only)   
  • AREC224: Introduction to Agribusiness Entrepreneurship (fall only)  
  • ATS150: Science of Global Climate Change
  • ATS350 and 351: Introduction to Weather and Climate / Lab (fall only)
  • ENGR101: Grand Challenges of Engineering (fall only)
  • ERHS220: Environmental Health (fall/spring)    
  • GES101: Foundations of Environmental Sustainability (fall/spring)  
  • GES120: Water Sustainability in the Western US (fall only)  
  • GES141: Introduction to Sustainable Energy (fall only)  
  • ESS/GR210: Physical Geography (fall only)  
  • LIFE 103: Biology of Organisms: Animals and Plants (fall/spring)   
  • NR120A: Environmental Conservation
  • NRRT 270: Natural Resource Tourism (fall / spring)    
  • SOCR 100: General Crops (fall only)   
  • SOCR 240: Introductory Soil Science (fall/spring)  
  • WR204: Sustainable Watersheds