All students who enter Colorado State University as exploring/undeclared or seeking entrance to competitive majors are advised by the Exploratory Studies Advising team. As an Exploratory Studies student, you have the opportunity to explore your academic options and find the path that is right for you while having the support of an advisor who can help you create a personalized academic plan.

The Exploratory Studies Advising team is housed within the Collaborative for Student Achievement. Our department seeks to empowers students to make the most of their educational experiences beginning with orientation and continuing through graduation. .

Collaborative for Student Achievement Mission Statement

Empowering students to create and achieve their personal and educational goals.

Exploratory Studies Advising: Mission Statement

Exploratory Studies provides academic advising for students exploring majors and seeking admission into competitive entry majors. Exploratory Studies advisors honor each student’s unique life story, guide students in their transition to college life, and engage students in academic exploration and development.