Exploratory Studies: Information Technology Interest


Students in this track have applied to the Computer Science major. Students may continue to work toward admission into Computer Science while also exploring other technology-related majors.

This is a guide and should be used in conjunction with advising.

MATH Placement:

The Computer Science major requires calculus. Students should complete all pre-calculus courses (or test out of them) in the first semester so that they are calculus-ready for spring semester. Students should complete Math Placement prior to enrollment.

English Composition Placement:

Students should consult the composition placement website to determine if the placement survey is needed and work with an advisor on building it into the first-year plan.  

Foundational First Year Courses

Semester 1

CO150 College Composition (3 credits)*

MATH (1-5cr) – see placement and consult with advising professional

  • all needed 1-credit pre-calculus courses (MATH117-126)
  • MATH127 (4-credit instructor-led course)
  • MATH155 Calculus for Data Science (4 credits)
  • MATH 160 Calculus 1 (4 credits))

CS150B Culture and Coding (3 credits)

First Year Seminar (1-3cr)

AUCC or Exploratory Courses to get to 15 total credits

Semester 2

CO150 College Composition (3 credits)  (if not taken in 1st semester)*

MATH (0-4 credits)

  • MATH155 Calculus for Data Science (4 credits)
  • MATH 160 Calculus 1 (4 credits))
  • No math (if calculus credits earned in fall semester)

CS164:  Computational Thinking with Java (4 credits)

AUCC or Exploratory Courses to get to 15 total credits

*Remember, CO150 should be done in the 1st year, not necessarily the 1st semester

Extra-curricular Exploration

Exploratory Studies students should engage in at least 2 exploration activities each semester

Attend a technology-oriented Career Center event or industry tour   

Tour a Computer Science lab in the CS building  

Join a computer science or technology-related club  

Set up an informational appointment with the CS advising team 

Apply to work in a computer lab on campus

Join XLC (Exploratory Studies Leadership Council) and represent Exploratory Studies students on the Student Technology Fee Board

Majors in this Track

Computer Science*

Students could also consider majors in the Organization, Management & Enterprise Track or the Math, Physical Science and Engineering Track

* competitive entry major *

Exploratory Courses

  • DSCI235: Data Wrangling
  • IDEA110: Designing University Life
  • IDEA 310B: Design Thinking Toolbox: 3D Modeling
  • IDEA 310D:  Design Thinking Toolbox: Digital Imaging  
  • IDEA 310G:  Design Thinking Toolbox: Infographics 
  • IDEA 310H:  Design Thinking Toolbox: Mixed Reality Design
  • IDEA 310L: Design Thinking Toolbox: Creating Things that Think
  • JTC203: Television Studio Production
  • PSY252: Mind, Brain and Behavior
  • SPCM278I: Communication Skills: Social Media

6-12 CREDITS AUCC & Exploratory Courses each semester. Depending on foundational credits