Exploratory Studies: Exploring Land, Plant and Animal Sciences


Majors in this track are related to many fields involving plants, animals, food production, sustainability, and more

This is a guide and should be used in conjunction with advising.

MATH Placement:

All majors in this track require a minimum 3 precalculus credits at the College Algebra level or higher. Many majors require calculus. Students should complete Math Placement prior to enrollment and complete math in the first semester.

English Composition Placement:

Students should consult the composition placement website to determine if the placement survey is needed and work with an advisor on building it into the first-year plan.  

Foundational First Year Courses

1st Year Courses

  • CO150 College Composition (3cr)
  • MATH (3-4cr) – see placement and consult with advising professional
    • 1-credit Pre-Calculus courses (MATH117, 118, 124, 125, 126)
    • 3-Credit College Algebra (MATH120)
    • 4-credit Pre-Calculus (MATH127)
    • 4-credit Calculus 1 (MATH155 or MATH160)
  • AUCC 3A Biological and Physical Sciences (3-4cr)
  • BZ1110/111 Principles of Animal Biology
  • BZ120: Principles of Plant Biology
  • LIFE102: Attributes of Living Systems
  • LIFE103: Biology of Organisms
  • CHEM105: Problem Solving in General Chemistry
  • CHEM111/112: General Chemistry 1
  • First Year Seminar (1-3cr)

Then, fill schedule with AUCC and Exploratory Courses to get to a total of 14-16 credits per semester.

Remember, CO150 should be done in the 1st year, not necessarily the 1st semester

Extra-curricular Exploration

Exploratory Studies students should engage in at least 2 exploration activities in 1st semester

Attend livestock or equine events at the CSU Equine Center

Explore the amazing hiking trails that Fort Collins has to offer

Join a student organization that aligns with your major(s) interests

Exploratory Course Options

ANEQ102: Introduction to Equine Science (fall)  **majors only**  
ANEQ103: Introduction to Animal Science (fall)  
ANEQ105:  Introduction to Large Animal Anatomy **majors only**  
GES101: Foundations of Environmental Sustainability  
GES120: Water Sustainability in the Western US (fall only)  
GES141: Introduction to Sustainable Energy (fall only)  
LSAP340, 342, 343 – Spanish for Animal Health fields (select terms)  
SOCR100: General Crops (fall only)

6-12 CREDITS Exploratory Courses each semester. Depending on foundational credits