Take a course specifically for students like you!

Taking the time in a class setting to explore what interests, skills, identities and values you have can benefit your exploration process. You will have the time to listen to others, reflect over the time of the course, and have the support of the course instructor to provide feedback.

Here are a couple options for the brand new student that a focused on exploring ALL the options.

New Student Seminar

New Student Seminars are 1 credit, 8 week courses available to new students to assist them with their transition to CSU.  Each New Student Seminar course includes an Instructor and an upper-class Peer Facilitator who will assist new students with making connections as part of their new student experience.

New Student Seminar: Exploring Major Tracks (For Exploratory Studies / Undeclared Students)

In this course, new first-year students will learn about academic and career options within the various major tracks at CSU. Experiential opportunities will allow students to explore academic options in determining how students’ interests and abilities fit with these options. Students will also be introduced to exploring their professional and educational goals and the achievement of these goals for their success at CSU, and begin to develop a network within the CSU community.

Please see the Exploring page for additional ways to actively explore.

Check out the Curriculum Guide for Exploring.
You can also choose a track within Exploratory Studies if one of these fits your interests: Exploring Majors: Your academic options