Exploratory Studies: Life Science Interest


Students in this track have applied to one of the Biomedical Science majors. Students may continue to work toward admission into Biomedical Science while also exploring other health-related majors.

This is a guide and should be used in conjunction with advising.

MATH Placement:

Biomedical Science and most health-related majors at CSU require pre-calculus and calculus 1. Students should complete Math Placement prior to enrollment and complete math in the first year.

English Composition Placement:

Students should consult the composition placement website to determine if the placement survey is needed and work with an advisor on building it into the first-year plan.  

Foundational First Year Courses

First Semester:

  • CO150 College Composition (3 credits)*
  • Pre-Calculus Math (1-4 credits) – see placement and consult with advising professional
    • Pre-Calculus 1-credit courses
      • MATH117 (Algebra 1)
      • MATH118 (Algebra 2)
      • MATH124 (Logarithms & Exponential Functions)
      • MATH125 (Numerical Trigonometry)
    • MATH127 Pre-Calculus (4-credit instructor led class)
  • Chemistry (2-5 credits)
    • CHEM105: Problem Solving in General Chemistry (if did not test out of MATH118)
    • CHEM111/112: General Chemistry 1
  • Biology (4 credits)
    • LIFE102: Attributes of Living Systems
  • First Year Seminar (1-3cr)
  • AUCC or Exploratory Course options to total 15 credits

Second Semester:

  • CO150 College Composition (3cr) (if not taken in 1st semester)*
  • Calclulus (4 credits) MATH155 Calculus for Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry (4-5 credits)
    • CHEM111/112:  General Chemistry 1
    • CHEM113/114: General Chemistry 2
  • Biology (3 credits)
    • LIFE201B: Introductory Genetics
  • AUCC or Exploratory Course options to total 15 credits

*Remember, CO150 should be done in the 1st year, not necessarily the 1st semester.

Extra-curricular Exploration

Exploratory Studies students should engage in at least 2 exploration activities each semester

Getting connected to Health Professions Advising and student clubs (Premedica) 

Attend the Vet Hospital open house day  

Use the CSU Recreation Center – play Intramurals and/or consider on-campus employment  

Education Abroad  – learn about opportunities for future semesters

Industry Tours – Career Center  

Schedule an Exploring Majors advising appointment

Join a student organization

Use the CSU Health Network – consider on-campus employment there?  

Attend instructor office-hours

Majors in this Track

Biomedical Science* / Environmental Health* / Microbiology*

Consider looking at the Health, Life and Food Science track for alternative majors

* competitive entry majors *

Exploratory Course Options

  • ERHS210:  Cancer, Biology and Medicine (fall only)   
  • ERHS220: Environmental Health   
  • FSHN125: Food and Nutrition in Health
  • FSHN150: Survey of Human Nutrition
  • GR305: Geography of Global Health  (spring only)   
  • HES145: Health & Wellness
  • HES202: Intro to Exercise Physiology
  • LSPA340, 342, 343 and 346 Spanish for Animal Health, Agriculture or Human Health (select terms)   
  • OT110: Intro to Occupational Therapy
  • OT215: Medical Terminology
  • OT355: The Disability Experience in Society
  • PSY252: Mind, Brain and Behavior **majors only**   
  • PHIL205: Introduction to Ethics
  • SOC324: Food Justice (fall only) **majors only until release date
  • SOC344: Health, Medicine & Society (fall only)  **majors only until release date

3-9 CREDITS AUCC & Exploratory Courses each semester depending on foundational credits