Courtney Sanders

Pronouns: she/her

Advising Since: 2023
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I have been in a wide variety of supportive roles including serving people experiencing homelessness, mentoring students pursuing higher education and have provided career and mental health counseling as a graduate student. I delight in connecting with students about goals, interests, values and other areas of self-exploration. I am passionate about getting to work alongside students to overcome barriers and discover their “why” as they compose their college experience. What I’m looking forward to the most as an advisor is working with students to navigate some of the most challenging yet exciting times of their college career as they explore and discover new majors and opportunities that get them closer towards their ideal self. I love getting to build relationships with students and getting to be one small part of their journey. 

Outside of work, I enjoy spontaneous adventures, whether its driving or hiking through the mountains, capturing moments through photography, taking a pottery class or creating my own spin on a food dish- I like going anywhere the day leads me.  


BS in Psychology

MA in Counseling & Career Development with a concentration in Career Counseling.

Home Town
Wichita, KS