Your college experience is a significant part of your life story. What you decide to major in may set your story’s theme. Where you have been and what you may plan to do will impact your decisions for your academics. Your interests and values must be identified and examined before the story is underway.

LEARN: Majors & minors at CSU

CSU offers over 70 majors (the degree you will earn at graduation), many with unique concentrations (a specific field of study related to a major), equaling to over 170 unique academic offerings along with over 80 minors.

In order to graduate you will declare and complete the requirements for your major as well as completing All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) courses. You have many options for crafting your overall degree plan.

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Do you have an area of interest to guide you in your search for a major? 

Many students find it helpful to use our Major Tracks to narrow down options and consider majors they may not have considered otherwise.

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